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Congratulations to Future Fellow and Associate Professor Min-Hsiu Hsieh

15 December 2015

Future Fellow and Associate Professor, Min-Hsiu Hsieh, from the Centre for Quantum Computation and Intelligent Systems (QCIS) was recently appointed as an Associate Editor for Quantum Information Theory of IEEE Transactions on Information Theory. At present, Min-Hsiu is the only member of the Editorial Board from Australia. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory is a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal, and is considered to be the most prestigious journal in information theory and coding theory. It is ranked A* in the ERA 2010 Ranked Journal List. According to a recent study using the PageRank network analysis algorithm, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory has the highest ranking among hundreds of computer science-related journals. Min-Hsiu is one of the world-leading researchers in Quantum Shannon Theory. His current research focuses on understanding how entanglement can be used to assist quantum communication and quantum error correction codes, both of which play crucial roles in building large-scale quantum computers.