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International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board provides advice on the Centre’s key research activities and direction. They play an important role in anticipating and managing gradual change in active focus focus areas to ensure the Centre is equipped to respond to current government and industry challenges and can take advantage the latest development in its fields of expertise.
The Board's members are:
MaryOKane Professor Mary O'Kane (Chair)
NSW Chief Scientist and Scientific Engineer,



Professor Attila Brungs
Vice Chancellor
University of Technology Sydney,

Gerard Milburn Professor Gerard Milburn
Centre for Quantum Computer Technology,
The University of Queensland,
Samson Abramsky Professor Samson Abramsky
Christopher Strachey Professor of Computing
Oxford University,
Michelle Simmons Professor Michelle Simmons
Director, Atomic Fabrication Facility,
Centre for Quantum Computer Technology,
University of New South Wales,
Ah Chung Tsoi Professor Ah Chung Tsoi
Vice-President (Research & Institutional Advancement),
Hong Kong Baptist University,
Hong Kong, China
Philip Yu Professor Philip S Yu
Wexler Chair in Information Technology,
University of Illinois in Chicago,