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In 2002 UTS incorporated five Smart E-Business Laboratories into the Advanced Centre of Information and Communication Technology and appointed Chengqi Zhang as the Director and Professor John Debenham as Assistant Director. Those five E-Labs were:

Bullete-Intelligence – A/Professor Shichao Zhang
Bullete-Markets – Professor Simeon Simoff
Bullete-Services – Professor Jie Lu
Bullete-Innovation – Professor Mary-Anne Williams, and
Bullete-Bio – Dr Paul Kennedy

In April 2007, the Laboratory became a tier one Centre: the Centre for Intelligent Information Systems (CIIS). A year later, on 16 April 2008, the UTS Council upgraded CIIS to one of the University’s five flagship centres. A new laboratory was added - Quantum Computing - and it was re-named the Centre for Quantum Computation & Intelligent Systems (QCIS). Professor Chengqi Zhang was appointed Director of the Centre, with Professor John Debenham as Co-Director, and Professor Mingsheng Ying as Research Director. Those five laboratories remain today.

BulletData Science and Knowledge Discovery Laboratory (DSKD)
BulletDecision Systems and e-Service Intelligence Laboratory (DeSI)
BulletInnovation and Enterprise Research Laboratory (the Magic Lab)
BulletKnowledge Infrastructure Laboratory (KIL)
BulletQuantum Computation Laboratory (QCL)

QCIS was officially launched at UTS on 9 July 2009 in the presence of a number of high-profile international and rapidly gained international recognition.

In 2011, Prof Longbing Cao, who was formerly the DSKD Lab's Director, branched out to head the new Advanced Analytics Institute at UTS. AAI's focus is on innovation in data science and analytics science, which is closely related to QCIS research, in particular the Data Science and Knowledge Discovery Lab. QCIS and AAI, although separate entities, remain closely affiliated and share some staff and students.

During 2011 and 2012, the Centre organised the establishment of five Joint Research Centres:

UTS-Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Joint Research Centre for Intelligent Systems.
UTS-Beijing Institute of Technology
Joint Research Centre for Data Mining and Service Technology.
UTS-Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science (AMSS), Chinese Academy of Science Joint Research Laboratory for Quantum Computation and Quantum Information Processing.
UTS-Tsinghua University
Joint Research Centre for Quantum Computation and Artificial Intelligence.
UTS-Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Joint Research Centre for Cyber-Physical Authentication.

You can find more information about these centres at the Joint Research Centres webpage.

In May 2011 the Centre underwent a mid-term review by an expert panel to assess it's performance, with the result that the panel recommended that the Centre's funding be renewed and extended to 2017.

QCIS celebrated its success at its Five-year Anniversary, in April 2013 at UTS, in the presence of the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Deputy  Vice-Chancellor (Research), and many other eminent international and national guests.

Since its inception, QCIS has achieved phenomenal success, attracting an exceptional number of staff awards, ARC and other grants, and has produced a prodigious number of prestigious publications. More information about QCIS' track record can be found in Reports & Statistics.