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Official Launch in 2008

Photography by Encapture Photography

5 year celebration

Formalities at the anniversary celebration included speeches by: Prof Vicki Sara, UTS Chancellor; Prof Mary O'Kane, NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer; Prof Samson Abramsky, Christopher Strachey Professor of Computing Fellow and Fellow of the Royal Society; and Prof Chengqi Zhang, Director of QCIS and ended with an unveiling ceremony of plaques representing the five joint research centres established over the last two years.


  • UTS and Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Research Centre for Intelligent Systems, unveiled by Prof Xiaokang Yang, with Prof Chengqi Zhang
  • UTS and Beijing Institute of Technology Joint Research Centre for Data Mining and Service Technology, unveiled by Prof Qinglin Wang, with Mr Leo Mian Liu and Prof Chengqi Zhang


  • UTS and Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science (AMSS), Chinese Academy of Science Joint Research Centre for Quantum Computation and Quantum Information Processing, unveiled by Prof Shunlong Luo, with Prof Mingsheng Ying and Prof Chengqi Zhang
  • UTS and Tsinghua University Joint Research Centre for Quantum Computation and Artificial Intelligence, unveiled by Prof Xiaoyan Zhu, with Prof Mingsheng Ying
  • UTS and Huazhong University of Science and Technology Joint Research Centre for Cyber-Physical Authentication, unveiled by Prof Yong Yang, with Prof William Purcell

The QCIS International Advisory Board for 2013


The QCIS International Advisory Board for 2009

Prof Philip S Yu,
Prof Sue Rowley,
Prof Mary O'Kane (Chair),
Prof Ah Chung Tsoi,
Prof Samson Abramsky,
Prof Michelle Simmons


Robots that Dance

This YouTube(au) video features the Adebaran Nao robots dancing with hip-hop dancers, Wickid Force at the UTS Open Day on 28 August 2010. The event was featured in the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday 28 August 2010. Dr Benjamin Johnston had programmed the dance, called "Dance Forth, to carefully encode the dance sequence to Wickid Force's choreography.

For the UTS Open Day on 27 2011, Dr Benjamin Johnston (QCIS's Magic Lab) and Craig Shuard (UTS FEIT R&D Team) developed an excellent video of a Nao robot music and dance routine.

Robots that Learn

Amongst the winners of the 2013 IJCAI Video Competion 2013, was "The Fugitive". This humorous clip demonstrates some of the work The Magic Lab to doing to help robots overcome the key challenges facing them in the wild and won the award for "Most Entertaining Autonomous Robotics Video".

The video was produced by Prof Mary-Anne Williams, Dr Xun Wang, Shaukat Albedi, Michelle Youssef, Wei Wang and Pramod Parajuli.


John Debenham: 1944-2013

QCIS Co-director and mentor, Professor John Debenham, passed away on 2 September 2013. John's contribution to QCIS was enormous and he is sadly missed by colleagues and friends. A record of John's publications, grants, and projects can be found here.

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