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Decision Systems & e-Service Intelligence

Decision Systems and e-Service Intelligence

Professor Jie Lu, Director

The Decision Systems and e-Service Intelligence Laboratory focuses on the development of theories, methods, and software tools and applications, in the areas of decision support systems, computational intelligence, uncertain information processes and e-service intelligence. Key research areas:

Decision support systems; multi-criteria decision making; multi-level decision making; fuzzy optimisation and fuzzy decision making; uncertain information processing; situation awareness; cognitive decision models; learning-based prediction; web intelligence and ontology; e-Service and e-Business intelligence; e-Government service personalisation; recommendation systems; case-based reasoning and maintenance; genetic algorithms; early warning systems; emergency and risk management.

Cloud computing is also a major research initiative in the DeSI Lab, focusing on: smart e-Government Health Systems; next-generation cloud resources management; cloud computing and e-services integration; automated service level agreement (SLA) formation, monitoring, and assurance of SLAs; could-based data analytics; all in a cloud environment. See the DeSI Lab's one-page brochure on Cloud Computing Research.

Application domains include: material, produce and service evaluation; social crisis prediction, warning and anti-terrorism; business strategy and resource planning; logistics and customer relationship management; online service systemes; and, finance situation warnings.

Thanks all the speakers for sharing your research with us. And thanks Prof. Yiyu Yao, from University of Regina, Canada, for attending our workshop and giving precious suggestion.
The 2015 International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Engineering (ISKE 2015) is the 10th in a series of ISKE conferences. ISKE 2015 follows the successful ISKE 2006 in Shanghai (China), ISKE 2007 in Chengdu (China), ISKE 2008 in Xiamen (China), ......
Congratulations on Jing Jiang, Dianshuang Wu and Tasneem Memon PhD graduation
Thanks Chin-Teng Lin, from National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan, for visiting our DeSI lab and sharing great precious suggestion on fuzzy learning.

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