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Decision Systems & e-Service Intelligence
Aims and Scope The ability and power to support policy making and risk governance by computational intelligence techniques make significant advances in various application disciplines such as business, finance, logistics, engineering, and society.
We are particularly interested in chapters on new developments in fundamental, intelligent methodologies and techniques on risk management in decision making.
With the ever-increasing complexity of computing systems, and their increasingly complex interactions with the physical environment, service-oriented computing (SOC) is considered today as a key technology for the development of robust and high quality distributed applications
This special issue will provide a systematic overview and state-of-the-art research in the field of Intelligent Decision Support Systems (IDSS), and outline new developments in fundamental, approaches, methodologies, software systems, and applications in this area. Decision making, which is one of the most important activities of human beings, is more difficult in today's rapidly changing decision environment than ever before. Decision support systems (DSS) are playing a more and more important role in the decision-making of organizations in every discipline, including health, business, engineering, education and finance.

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