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Data Sciences and Knowledge Discovery Laboratory

Data Sciences and Knowledge Discovery

Dr Ling Chen, Director

The Data Sciences & Knowledge Discovery Research Lab (DSKD) aims to foster both theoretical and practical innovation in the areas of machine learning, data mining and knowledge discovery, data sciences and engineering, behaviour informatics, and agent-mining interaction and integration. The objective of the Smart Lab is to develop intelligent methodologies, techniques and tools for smart business and decision-making in government, industry, academia, and the community in various areas such as social security, finance, e-commerce, telecoms, etc. The DSKD Lab's key research interests include:

Data Mining Foundations, Data Sciences and Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, Behaviour Informatics and Analytics, Agents and Data Mining Interaction, and Applied Intelligent Information Processing and Systems.

Main application domains include: smart-finance for capital market trading, smart-surveillance for capital markets, smart-security for national security and crime analysis, smart-government for government allowances and services, smart-commerce for online business security and recommendation, smart-insurance risk analysis, and smart business and smart decision-making for other areas such as banking.