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Current postgraduate researchers and their topics

Sarah Artist (PhD candidate): Shaping Local Futures - An analysis of the implementation of the NSW Local Government Amendment (Planning and Reporting) Act 2009

Helen Christensen (PhD candidate): The Emerging Community Engagement Profession of Australian Local Governments: Drivers, trends and trajectories. Helen’s research seeks to critically examine the professionalisation of Australian local government community engagement practices.  

Kathryn Crosby (PhD candidate): Kathryn’s PhD project will conduct a big data study to discover how and why Australians vote the way they do, and who or what is influencing their voting decisions. This study will use an adaptation of the Columbia methodology (a multi-wave panel), as designed by Paul Lazarsfeld and his team at Columbia University’s Office of Radio Research in the 1940s, and will be the first Columbia study of voter decision making in Australia. It is hoped the study will answer questions like whether voters in different areas make their decisions differently, whether the campaign has any impact, how much power and influence traditional or social media has on the voting decision, and when in the electoral cycle people decide who to vote for. It is expected that a number of different types of voters will be identified.

Uday Kulkarni (PhD candidate): Uday's research will investigate the adoption of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in Australian Local Government and assess its capacity to deliver a range of services to local government communities and an increased level of sustainability for councils and their communities. The study will research and investigate the current status of use of ICT in various local governments across Australia and develop a framework which will propose guiding principles, including various initiatives and measures that could be adopted by local councils to deliver everyday services to their respective local communities as a whole in today’s progressive world of information technology.

Neil Selmon (PhD candidate): Hierarchical planning frameworks and local democracy: what are the barriers to empowering local communities through community strategic planning?

Su Fei Tan (PhD candidate): The impact of local government reform on local democratic representation and decision making

Lenka Thompson (PhD candidate): Local government in Australia and it capacity to supply affordable housing. Lenka’s PhD, part of the ARC Linkage Project: Local Government and Housing in Australia for the 21st Century, will examine how local government can utilise their landholdings to increase the supply of affordable housing. The empirical component of the thesis will involve the conducting of in-depth interviews with key stakeholders in local government.  

Our PhD graduates

Dr Benjamin HanckelCommunity development in the new millennium: Examining the role of digital media in community development program