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Adjuncts and associates

The UTS Institute for Public Policy and Governance Adjuncts and Associates are professional practitioners or academics who are engaged to provide advice to the Institute in their area of expertise on an ongoing basis.


Michael Callaghan

Helen Christensen

Anne-Marie Elias

Melissa Gibbs

Abigail Goldberg

Michael Grosvenor

Margaret Harvie

Kevin Hough

Michelle Landy

John Lavarack

Vince Mangioni

John Martin

Alison McCabe

Luke Nicholls

Stefanie Pillora

Tim Robinson

Graham Sansom

Neil Selmon

Peter Walsh

Danny Wiggins

Michael Wynn-Jones

Philip Manidis

Simone Schwarz

Carol Mills

Dr Tania Matruglio

Michelle Roberson

Xiaoxing Huang

Alex Gooding

Dr Bronwyn Kelly

Jennifer Ellen Green

Dr Andy Asquith