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UTS:IPPG and UTS:CLG offer an established capable specialist consulting service with a high standard of professional consulting practice. We are committed to methodological innovation and rigour, and applied impact-driven research that benefits government, industry and the community. Members of our team are experienced and skilled at leading and managing policy or public administration projects in areas with sensitive stakeholder environments and complex legislative, policy and program requirements. We have a strong track record of successfully delivering projects on time and on budget for a range of government and non-government agencies and public trading enterprises.

The consulting service is built around our core strengths which are:

  • the availability of an extensive network of expert associates, academics and industry and government partners with up-to-date specialist knowledge, practical experience and exposure to the latest thinking across a wide range of disciplines, 
  • the Institute’s experience in working with all three tiers of government as well as the non-government and the private sectors,
  • our researchers are a mix of former public sector executives, academic professionals and experienced business consultants who provide strategic and practical solutions to issues of local, national and international importance,
  • our consultants maintain extensive professional and peer-to-peer networks with government; industry; business; not for profit and community based organisations, 
  • we are recognised at state, national and international levels for our strong and enduring partnerships with government, industry and the community.
Our Difference
UTS:IPPG is a blend of the best the university and the commercial consulting sectors have to offer. 
We are different because our work is shaped by the needs of our clients and sectors. We aim to develop high quality, relevant and applicable work that will make a real and tangible impact in the environments in which we work. Much of our work has a sector development focus and is guided by:
  • the expressed needs, gaps and areas of interest identified by our stakeholders, clients and the government sector more broadly
  • our international partners and their research and experience
  • the specific objectives of research projects commissioned by governments or  industry 
As part of a University we have access to the best specialists, academics and their latest thinking, across a range of disciplines. 
Forming sector partnerships help shape our research agenda, and we often contribute toward sector capacity building based on our research by undertaking specific projects we feel will have a broader benefit or application. 
Our activities promote scholarly exchange and practitioner dissemination of research findings. These activities include seminar series, round-tables, visiting academics, publication of papers, conference papers, presentations to professional and industry groups and information exchanges with international local government organisations. 
IPPG is about knowledge sharing and promoting good research outcomes and learnings across sectors.
Watch UTS:IPPG Director Professor Roberta Ryan talk about our recent project with Sydney Water.

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