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The Paul Woolley Centre for the Study of Capital Market Dysfunctionality hosts an annual Conference to stimulate research into capital market dysfunctionality and to disseminate the research initiatives of the Centre. 

Attendance is by invitation only however industry practitioners and academics who would like to attend can email yvonne.gray@uts.edu.au

  • 2013 Conference - "The Effectiveness of Financial Markets in Deploying Capital to Its Best Use"
  • 2012 Conference - "Are Markets the Problem or the Solution?  The Role of Regulation in Financial Markets"
  • 2011 Conference - "Allocation of Financial Sector Rents Across"
  • 2010 Conference - "Financial Innovation and Rent Capturing"
  • 2009 Conference - "The Crash of the Financial System: Bad Luck or Bad Structure"
  • 2008 Conference - "Are We Well Served by the Financial Sector?"
  • 2007 Conference - "Investment Strategies and Financial Market Dysfunctionality"