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2012 Conference

Are markets the problem or the solution? The role of regulation in financial markets

The 2012 Conference was held in Sydney at UTS at the Aerial Function Centre, Building 10, 235-253 Jones Street Ultimo on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th October.

Keynote Speakers were:
Professor William Goetzmann - Edwin J. Beinecke Professor of Finance and Management Studies and Director of the International Centre for Finance at the Yale School of Management
Professor John Wooders - Distinguished Research Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney

Invited Speaker were:
Dr Luci Ellis - Reserve Bank of Australia
Dr Deniz Igan - International Monetary Fund
Jim Murphy - The Treasury
John Trowbridge

The Paul Woolley Centre acknowledges the generous support of our conference by external sponsors - the Centre for International Finance and Regulation (CIFR) and the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Available Speaker Papers

The effects of a financial transaction tax in an artificial financial market
Karl Finger - University of Kiel (pdf, 385kb, 21pages)

Procyclical stocks earn higher returns
William Goetzmann - Yale University (pdf, 430kb, 54pages)

Does the tail wag the dog?  The effect of credit default swaps on credit risk
Dragon Tang - University of Hong Kong (pdf, 288kb, 62pages)

Pricing contingent capital bonds:  Incentives matter
Sergey Tsyplakov - University of South Carolina (pdf, 709kb, 61pages)

Securitization and the fixed-rate mortgage
James Vickery - Federal Reserve Bank of New York (pdf, 430kb, 54pages)

The effects of sovereign credit assessments on equity and currency market return
Eliza Wu - University of Technology, Sydney (pdf, 171kb, 27pages)