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2009 Conference

The Crash of the Financial System: Bad Luck or Bad Structure

The 2009 Conference was held at UTS Sydney at the main campus at 1 Broadway on Wednesday 28th, Thursday 29th and Friday 30th October.

Keynote speakers included: Professor Harrison Hong, Princeton University, Professor David Vine, The University of Oxford and Dr Robert Eisenbeis former Executive Vice President - Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

Available Speaker Papers

The Impact of Short-Selling Constraints on Financial Market Stability in a Model with Heterogeneous Agents (PDF, 485k, 30pages)
Mikhail Anufriev - CeNDEF, University of Amsterdam

How do investors react under uncertainty?  (PDF, 260k, 27pages)
Ron Bird - Paul Woolley Centre for Capital Market Dysfunctionality, UTS

The Financial Instability Hypothesis: a Stochastic Microfoundation Framework. (PDF, 581k, 27pages)
Corrado Di Guilmi - University of Technology, Sydney

Who wins and who loses among individual investors? (PDF, 181k, 45pages)
David Gallagher - University of Technology, Sydney

Does the market maker stabilize the market? (PDF, 1781k, 32pages)
Tony He - University of Technology, Sydney

A model of endogenous credit creation and a credit crunch (PDF, 238k, 24pages)
Steve Keen - University of Western Sydney

Jump and Cojump Risk in Subprime Home Equity Derivatives (PDF, 412k, 50pages)
Bruce Mizrach - Rutgers University

Are short-sellers manipulating the market?
Talis Putnins - The University of Sydney

The financial crisis, global imbalances, and the International Monetary System.
David Vines - The University of Oxford