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2008 Conference

The 2008 Conference was held at UTS Sydney at the main campus at 1 Broadway on Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd October.

Keynote speakers included: Professor Nicholas Barberis of Yale University, Professor Dimitri Vayanos and Dr Paul Woolley of London School of Economics, Dr Robert Eisenbeis, former head of research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, and Professor Ian Harper of Access Economics.

Available Speaker Papers.

Realization Utility (PDF, 360k, 42 pages)
Nicholas Barberis and Wei Xiong

Do Heterogeneous Beliefs Diversify Market Risk? (PDF, 220k, 20 pages)
Carl Chiarella, Roberto Dieci and Xue-Zhong He

The Sub-Prime Crisis and its Longer Term Implications
Robert Eisenbeis
(slides only)

An Empirical Examination of Learning in Foreign Exchange Markets (PDF, 150k, 27 pages)
David Goldbaum and Remco C.J. Zwinkels

The Toll of Subrational Trading in an Agent-Based Economy (PDF, 220k, 18 pages)
Paolo Pellizzari

An Institutional Theory of Momentum and Reversal (PDF, 100k, 31 pages)
Dimitri Vayanos and Paul Woolley
(slides only)