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Becoming a partner

The Institute for Nanoscale Technology encourages collaborative partnership with others to deliver world-class scientific discoveries and innovative practice.

We welcome the opportunity to explore research collaborations, partnerships and working relationships with both industry and government bodies within Australia and internationally.

Scientists and engineers wishing to collaborate with us will find the team very receptive.

If you are a potential industrial partner or government department then direct consultancy or sponsored PhD research programs are popular options. The former mode is suitable for short term projects whilst a PhD program usually stretches over three years.  We are also interested in joint submissions to Federal or State granting bodies.

A sponsored PhD project is a convenient gateway for industry to develop research projects with us in the areas of advanced materials engineering, optics and nanotechnology. Engaging with us this  way is a cost effective means to undertake quality research. This is because you will incur lower overhead and infrastructure charges than is the case for normal contract research.

The student could be one of your own employees or could be a third party. Either way, you will be able to control the Intellectual Property produced. Working with the Institute may also be a convenient entry point to develop a joint ARC Linkage or similar grant application with the University.

If you are interested in engaging with the Institute for Nanoscale Technology please contact the Director, Professor Michael Cortie.