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What we do

The Institute for Nanoscale Technology (INT) is a collegial grouping of researchers, postgraduate students and occasional visiting scholars drawn from the fields of mathematics, physics, computational science, chemistry, microscopy, biology, materials science and engineering at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Our research focuses on 'nanotechnology', including nanomaterials, nanodevices, nanomedicine, nano-scale electromagnetic phenomena, nanochemistry and the interaction of light with condensed matter at the nanoscale.

We strive to model, measure and exploit these interactions for use in applications as diverse as chemical analysis, spectrally-selective coatings for windows, biomedical imaging, biochemical sensing, future therapeutic technologies, nanoscale devices that manipulate light, and molecules designed to harvest or modulate light.

Our structure

The Institute for Nanoscale Technology is a virtual and voluntary grouping of researchers linked by a common interest in nanomaterials and the interaction of light with nanoscale structures.

Our current research is based on investigating the structure-property relationships of inorganic materials and structures as a platform upon which to build exciting new functionalities.

Our research themes are linked together by mathematical modelling. Mathematical and computer simulations and calculations are a very important activity and provide us with ways to understand and predict physical phenomena.