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Materials and Technology for Energy Efficiency
We conduct multidisciplinary research in materials physics at the nanoscale. Through careful engineering and design we aim to develop future generation energy efficient devices and materials for sensing, lighting and bio-imaging applications.
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Researchers at UTS have found some of the brightest quantum emitters ever recorded. They’re also tuneable over a large spectral range, easily engineered and robust in harsh conditions.
Dr Olga Shimoni joins UTS in 2014 as a Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Fellow developing novel multifunctional nanoparticles for application in biomedicine.
Dr Igor Aharonovich and PhD candidate Toby Shanley have discovered a new approach to incorporate rare earth ions into a diamond crystal, a promising candidate for data storage at the molecular scale.
Chemical doping is a standard method of tuning electronic and structural properties of materials. Now, it has been shown that doping a pure superconductor can induce a percolative transition to magnetism.

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