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16th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation

Global Conference on Environmental Tax

23-26 September 2015

Welcome to the 16th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation 

Green Fiscal Reform: Protecting our Natural Resources for a Sustainable Future
Dear GCET friends,
It is a great pleasure to invite you to Sydney for the 16th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation.
GCET is the leading global forum for exchanges on the principles and practices of environmental taxation and other market-based instruments relevant for greening of the economy and a more sustainable development. Research presented at the previous fifteen conferences has helped provide a much stronger theoretical and empirical underpinning of the legal, economic and behavioural issues in this area. These conferences are not intended to advance any particular environmental agenda on an advocacy basis but rather to advance knowledge, understanding and debate.
In line with tradition, a selection of the best papers from a double-blind refereeing process will be published in the prestigious book series “Critical issues in environmental taxation” from Edward Elgar publishers.
The theme chosen for the 16th Conference is designed to place greater focus on natural resource protection, a theme that has received less explicit attention in past conferences. It also emphasises an area of great concern to the host country, Australia. 
Topics can extend from climate change, biodiversity protection, environmental stewardship, pollution control, water conservation, land degradation, renewable energy, mining and rehabilitation, wildlife protection and feral animal treatment while encompassing market instruments such as carbon pricing, emissions trading schemes, other environmental taxes, subsidies, direct action or spending programs and tax concessions both positive and perverse. Abstracts and papers can be submitted within a broad range of related topics.
The Conference will take place in the Conference facilities of the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.  The venue is easy to reach via taxi or train from Sydney’s airport. Conference hotels are located within walking distance.
The target audience for the 16th GCET is individuals from all parts of the world who are interested in the exchange of ideas, information, and research findings about environmental taxation issues and sustainable economic development, including:
  • Academics, researchers and doctoral candidates from universities and higher education in the fields of law, economics, taxation, accounting, public administration, environmental studies, etc.,
  • Government officials from ministries and departments of finance, taxation, energy, water, environment, natural resources etc. including from provincial/state/territorial levels,
  • International and Non-Governmental Organization representatives, Tax and Accounting professionals, private sector executives, and experts.

We look forward to welcoming you to Sydney.

Professor Natalie Stoianoff (Conference Chair)
Faculty of Law, University of Technology, Sydney
GCET16 Partners