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ithree institute researchers focus on discovery and applied research to build an understanding of how microbes grow, live, adapt and survive. The impact of our science can be seen in the areas of antibiotic resistance, food safety and infectious disease.
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About us

ithree is a hive of activity. Our team of scientists work together to reduce the impact of infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance.
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Research areas

Our institute has eight research groups that span the themes of stealth pathogens, microbial communities and microbes with borders.

Work with us

The ithree institute partners with industry and government to make scientific discoveries and drive innovation. We welcome research collaborations, partnerships, licensing and spin-outs to work together to meet the 21st Century challenges in infectious disease.
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Study with us

ithree supports its budding young scientists by ensuring they gain the skills, resources and experience to become the next generation of microbial-aware researchers and industry leaders.

News and highlights

UTS’s Nural Cokcetin awarded runner-up at Famelab International

Cokcetin’s Famelab named joint runner-up (second place) at the 2017 Famelab International final held at the Cheltenham Science Festival.

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ithree staff spotlight: Cynthia Whitchurch

Cynthia Whitchurch

Medical Research Commercialisation Fund

ithree is a proud member of the Medical Research Commercialisation Fund. We have established two spin-out companies, Helmedix and Auspherix, with funding received from the MRCF.



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Our team members
Our institute manager, Dr Shona Blair

Location:  Building 4, Level 7, Room 04.07.406, Cnr Thomas and Harris Street, Ultimo NSW 2007
Mail:         PO Box 123, Broadway NSW 2007, Australia
Courier:    UTS Faculty of Science Store, Building 1, Level 2, Thomas Street, Ultimo NSW 2007

Phone: +61 2 9514 9710 (reception)
Email: ithreeinstitute@uts.edu.au

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