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The ithree institute aims to facilitate high value partnerships between external organisations and its researchers by setting up research agreements which provide innovative, flexible and effective solutions to commercially or socially important problems.

Our partnerships can last anywhere from six months to five years or more, and deliver specific value to the funding partner.

In addition, we are focused on ensuring that the output of our own innovative research makes an impact on human and animal health through successful development and commercialisation.

Medical Research Commercialisation Fund

In 2011, the ithree institute became a member of the Medical Research Commercialisation Fund (MRCF). In 2013, we received funding through the MRCF for the spinout companies Helmedix and Auspherix.


ithree instituteMedical Research Commercialisation Fund

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Contact the ithree institute manager to find out more:

Dr Shona Blair
General Manager, ithree institute
+61 2 9514 4200


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