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What we offer our clients

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Our research is solutions-focused, rigorous, evidence-based, ethical and independent.

We work closely with government, industry and the community so our research can help our clients to develop policy and investment that support sustainable development.

The diversity of our collective skill set and our commitment to transdisciplinary research enables us to tailor independent and feasible solutions to suit the unique needs of each client. We draw on a range of methods and tools from different disciplines, creating practical and useful outcomes that can be adapted to a range of situations.  We create lasting change by building independent capacity in our clients by passing on knowledge and skills.

As well as formal research reports with recommendations and policy advice, we have also produced videos, web sites, technical papers and consumer guides based on our research to meet the needs of our clients.

We are experienced in communicating complex issues in an accessible and engaging way. Our researchers are often invited to speak at conferences, and are experienced in designing and presenting forums, workshops and seminars.

How we work

We take a team based approach to our work; bringing together multiple perspectives and skill sets to identify creative solutions to complex sustainability challenges.

Researchers with specialised knowledge in our different research areas, team with modelers, statisticians and experts in areas such as capacity building, backcasting, stakeholder engagement, research design, participatory methods and futures studies to meet the unique needs of each research project.

We have access to highly specialized advice through our strong ties with other sustainability researchers, professionals and academics within UTS and other research centres.

We focus on innovation and our research often extends sustainability practice and contributes to current thinking. One of our key strengths is the ability to apply existing methodologies to new areas.

We have an integrated view of sustainability that actively pursues a balance of its economic, environmental and social dimensions. We recognise that political, organizational and individual behaviours are key to all sustainability decision making.

Our work is grounded in strong communication and engagement strategies. We combine rigorous research methodologies with proficiency in engagement methods to ensure that stakeholders’ various (and sometimes competing) priorities are considered. This is an iterative process, requiring consultation and reworking. We are committed to regular contact with our clients to ensure they remain informed throughout the research project.