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What we offer our clients

We have been conducting project-based research with governments, organisations, businesses and communities across Australia and internationally since 1997.

We conduct multidisciplinary, multi-sector research

Our researchers come from varied backgrounds, including engineering, architecture, management, economics, science, social sciences, and international and political studies. We have worked in the government, private and community sectors, so are able to deliver independent and feasible solutions to suit the needs of a diverse range of clients.

Our research spans many research areas and we draw on a range of methods and tools from different disciplines, creating practical and useful outcomes that can be adapted to a range of situations.

We are small enough to offer our clients personalised service and large enough to offer a diversity of research skills. Our clients benefit from this multidisciplinary, multi-sector nature of our offering.

We have an integrated view of sustainability

ISF has an integrated view of sustainability that actively pursues a balance of its economic, environmental and social dimensions. We recognise that political, organisational and individual behaviours are key to all sustainability decision making. This understanding drives our work.

We are innovative

We focus on innovation and our research often extends sustainability practice and contributes to current thinking. One of our keys strengths is the ability to apply existing methodologies to new areas.

We are an international knowledge leader

ISF has strong ties with other sustainability researchers and professionals and academic links within UTS and to other centres of research, and we maintain close ties with innovators in industry and government. These relationships facilitate access to highly specialised advice and maintain ISF’s position as an international knowledge leader.

We foster lasting change

Our work is future focused; we are committed to building independent capacity in our clients by passing on knowledge and skills. In this way, we create lasting change. Through our postgraduate program, and the complementary postgraduate research of our other students, we also aim to equip future generations to make this same change.

In all our work, we aim to provide outcomes of a quality commensurate with the importance of our mission—to create change towards sustainable futures.

Contact us if you have a problem that needs support or an idea for change that you think our innovative and solutions-focused approach can help you achieve.