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Supporting ISF through donations

Donors can support the Institute’s research in a number of ways:

  • by making a donation to support the Institute’s general work
  • donating to a specific project
  • leaving a bequest to ISF

All donations to ISF are tax deductible and are managed by the University’s Development Office through a short gift agreement that clearly states the agreed purpose of the donation.

Please contact isf@uts.edu.au or call +61 2 9514 4950 to share your ideas. All donations will be discussed in complete confidence.

Donor statements:

Actor Hugo Weaving and his family made a gift in 2009 to support ISF’s research into the feasibility and impacts of the proposed Tillegra Dam in the Hunter Valley region. This contribution, which supplemented an equivalent contribution from The Wilderness Society Newcastle, made it possible for our researchers to carry out detailed research and analysis and produce several strategic reports that gave weight to the concerns about the proposed dam expressed by the community. 

‘The most striking aspect of this campaign has been the involvement of the local community. This has been important and enlightening, and I hope that we can keep the momentum going… ISF has been crucial in their role as independent advisers’
Hugo Weaving

A donation by Voiceless: The Animal Protection Institute supported Institute researchers to undertake an investigation into the factory farmed pork industry.

‘We have been pleased to work with ISF to ensure factory farming remains an issue for discussion across government, industry, community and academia. Voiceless has supported a number of projects at ISF and we continue to work closely with the team.’

UTS Alumna, Ondine Sherman, Founder of Voiceless: The Animal Protection Institute