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Interns and volunteers

From time to time ISF provides internships to students and volunteers to undertake research. This allows us to answer research questions that would not otherwise be addressed due to time and budgetary constraints.

Whilst students and volunteers are unpaid, they gain valuable work experience and, in some cases, fulfill part of their course requirements.

The Institute only has the capacity to supervise a small number of interns per year, given our commitment to spend two hours per week supervising each full time intern and volunteer.

Currently, the Institute has space constraints that make it difficult for us to offer interns and volunteers suitable desk space. This further limits our ability to take on interns and volunteers at present.

When we do take on interns and volunteers, we choose people whose skills and knowledge match the research needs of the Institute. We encourage interns and volunteers to 'manage their manager' by developing their own learning contract in consultation with their ISF supervisor, initiating meetings and providing feedback. All interns and volunteers sign the UTS Code of Conduct and are covered by our public liability insurance.