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SDGs: Mapping our research

As a universally agreed set of sustainability goals for all countries and organisations to achieve by 2030, the SDGs offer governments, businesses and civil society a new level of focus and purpose.

Towards sustainable futures

After 20 years of ethical, independent and  rigorous sustainability research, ISF is aligning with the SDGs to continue our efforts in creating lasting change.

To gain a clearer picture of our strengths and prioritise our actions, we’ve developed a tool to map our work in detail against the SDGs.

Initial analysis shows:

> In total, ISF’s 10 areas of research contribute knowledge and evidence to support every one of the 17 goals
> Each of our research areas align with at least five goals


Graphic showing ISF research areas and SDGs


A sample of our work and the SDGs

image of wind farm

Decentralised Energy
Unlocking new business models and empowering communities in the transformation of our energy system.

light railPublic Transport
Progressing a new customer-service paradigm that delivers better-integrated and equitable transport systems.

image of circuit board

Wealth from Waste
Uncovering above-ground resources and identifying other opportunities to de-couple economic growth from resource use.

participants in water workshop

Water and Sanitation
Shaping evidence-based policy and programs to achieve water security, gender equality and sustainable service delivery.

To stay relevant in tomorrow’s world, we all need to work together to solve today’s complex challenges.

Where does your organisation fit in?

We can provide an innovative mapping process to help you align to the SDG agenda and at the same time strengthen your enterprise’s core goals.

Why ISF?

We have a track record of capacity-building and creating lasting change by empowering our clients with knowledge and skills that are relevant and fit-for-purpose.

Our success lies in bringing together multiple perspectives and skill sets to identify creative solutions. Our systems thinking approach ensures a holistic understanding of sustainable development that can make sense of the SDG checklist of goals and targets.

Get in touch

We believe partnership and collaboration will be critical in achieving the SDGs. Get in touch and share with us what is most important for your enterprise. We’ll let you know how we can help.

Professor Stuart White
+61 9514 4652