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Policy analysis and development


We bring a flexible approach to policy development for government and non-government clients at all levels, in each case underpinned by rigorous analysis and sustainability principles. Our policy work covers a range of sectors from urban water, sanitation and energy, to transport, waste and resource cycling, the built environment and city development strategies - applied both nationally and internationally.

Our policy team have comprehensive work experience in government, industry and academia and includes economists, architects, engineers, social scientists. Today's policy environment is increasingly complex, arising through the inter connectedness of regulation, technology, infrastructure, price, externalities, behaviour, social and environmental impacts. The diversity of background of our researchers is a unique strength to developing innovative outcomes which progress sustainability in this environment.

Postgraduate topics

Big picture questions

- How could we optimise and encourage the policy and regulations to achieve water and energy conservation in existing and future infrastructure?
- What approaches are most useful for integrating urban planning across disciplines to ensure sustainable outcomes?
- What models of decision making under uncertainty offer, community input, flexibility and transparency?

For further information about this topic area contact Dr Juliet Willetts.