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The sustainable management of our natural resources is vital for ensuring human wellbeing, now and in the future.

Any changes we make to land, water and vegetation through human production and consumption has an affect on the ecosystems they belong to. Yet our wellbeing is critically dependent on the goods and services provided by these ecosystems.

The sustainable management of natural resources requires an innovative approach to economics and policy design, based on robust bio-physical science.

The Institute's expertise lies in designing practical tools and approaches that link theories on governance and institutional arrangements with on-the-ground investment decisions and interventions.

Our natural resources and ecosystems team brings together environmental science, social and physical geography, ecological economics, engineering, and facilitation skills to provide a trans-disciplinary approach to natural resource and ecosystem management.

ISF can help regional NRM bodies, local governments, regional and indigenous communities, environmental groups, industry, and state, territory and Commonwealth agencies with the following:

- Inventories of natural assets and natural values
- Participatory decision-making
- Spatial and interactive tools for decision support
- Integrated economic and bio-physical modelling
- Policy, guidelines and implementation strategies
- Capacity building and public awareness raising programs
- Climate change adaptation
- Monitoring and evaluation

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Brent Jacobs