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Local government


We support local councils and their regional organisations to integrate sustainability into planning and other local government activities.

Our researchers have practical and technical expertise in:

- Policy and strategy development
- Indicators for environmental, economic and social sustainability
- Community and stakeholder engagement
- Program design, review and evaluation
- Total water cycle management and sustainable energy strategies
- Waste reduction and management
- Affordable appropriate housing
- Planning and the built environment
- Integrated sustainable transport systems

Download/view our Local Government capability statement (pdf, 324kb).

Postgraduate topics

Governance and decision-making processes help to determine our present and future; they are a key part of the transition to a sustainable and desirable future. At the Institute, we are committed to authentic democratic participation in decisions that affect sustainability. We are particularly interested in the potential for deliberative democracy to improve decision-making processes and bring about a sustainable society.

Big picture questions

- How can we build authentic public deliberation into decision-making processes?
- How can processes like citizens' juries and consensus conferences achieve influence over public policy decisions?
- Does participation in a deliberative process bring about transformation of values? Does it result in decisions that are consistent with sustainability principles?
- What type of governance structures are required to support a sustainable society?

Possible PhD topics

- Global governance for sustainability
- Decision-making frameworks

Contact person

Jade Herriman