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Our vision for sustainable Energy Futures is one in which energy is clean, affordable and accessible to all, where energy systems and services support a high quality of life and in which people and communities are empowered. We recognise that radical transformation is needed to replace old, out-dated and polluting energy systems and to tackle one of the major causes of climate change.

Ours isn’t a hair-shirt vision of making do with less, rather it’s an inspiring picture of a future in which our economy thrives on innovative ideas and technologies, our energy use and supply systems are modern and cutting edge, our cities and skies are free of pollution, and we live within our planetary boundaries. These are exciting times – transformation is already occurring and our work aims to accelerate the transition to smart, clean, equitable Energy Futures.

We view the energy system holistically and work on improving every part of it, from financing and business models, to policy and regulation, to technology analysis. We recognise the connections and interdependencies between energy and other core areas of our work, such as water and waste.

We deliver outstanding, internationally recognised research and consultancy services and we work in close partnership with our clients and collaborators.

solar array

Visualising future energy infrastructure
Managing demand through energy productivity and efficiency; managing supply with renewables and clean technologies.

community energy congress

Empowering new energy market participants
Supporting individuals, communities and organisations to transition to sustainable, adaptable and low-carbon practices.

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Transforming through data and information
Providing robust information, knowledge and data to enable smarter energy sector governance and decision-making.