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Corporate sustainability

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We assist private and public sector clients adopt socially and environmentally responsible practices so they can benefit from:

- Enhanced reputation
- Lower risk
- Access to new markets
- Better stakeholder relationships
- An ability to attract and retain quality employees.

We have the practical and technical expertise to help our clients:

- Build the business case for sustainability
- Set their sustainability goals and vision
- Identify and manage risks associated with climate change, water scarcity and governance issues
- Facilitate stakeholder dialogue
- Engage with and train employees
- Reduce costs by re-evaluating waste management strategies and improving water and energy efficiency
- Benchmark and report on sustainability performance
- Understand their supply chains and manage them more effectively
- Plan and manage their facilities sustainably
- Embed sustainability into strategic plans.

Download/view our Corporate Sustainability capability statement (pdf, 328kb).

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Samantha Sharpe