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ISF researchers have a strong grounding in the scientific drivers of climate change and a practical understanding of the impacts climate change is likely to have across all sectors of society. Our experience in undertaking climate change adaptation work is broad, covering local to international settings in both urban and rural contexts and includes the water sector, behavioural change initiatives, social, institutional and ecological resilience, buildings and cities, resource management and international development issues.

Facilitators guide for supporting community adaptation to water shortages in Kiribati 

thumbnail Facilitator's Guide

In the water-scarce Pacific Island nation of Kiribati wells that supply water are increasingly affected by saltwater intrusion due to high tides, sea level rise and increasingly frequent storms and tropical cyclones. A handbook has been produced to help local facilitators train communities to identify climate change adaptation strategies by drawing from various sources of knowledge, including traditional knowledge. Download the English version of the handbook here. 

Climate change adaptation and local government 

Researchers have experience in local government contexts, specifically developing local Adaptation Plans and strategies, and thus have an understanding of the issues confronting local government in adaptation planning, particularly across spatial scales.  ISF has worked with various levels of government in the past to improve governance structures that constrain capacity to plan and implement sustainability and adaptation projects.    

Climate change adaptation and water 

ISF is well known for expertise in the water sector, with work over recent years heavily focused on adapting to a water constrained future as a result of climate change. ISF has worked with a range of clients including local, state and national governments and related authorities, community groups, the private sector and universities in providing strategic research to support decision making and action related to adaptation for improved water management. 

Climate change adaptation and behavioural change 

ISF has a breadth of experience in climate change adaptation in relation to behavioural change and capacity building. By incorporating techniques such as citizen’s juries, deliberative democracy and targeted training programs, ISF has empowered a range of different groups with knowledge on how to make better decisions with regard to individual and collective responses to climate change. The ISF team also has practical experience in implementing adaptation initiatives with a range of diverse stakeholders and understands the importance of the social, economic and cultural context in which adaptation is set. 

Climate change adaptation and international development 

At the international level, researchers have on-ground experience and understanding of community-based, regional and national-scale climate change adaptation initiatives in developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region both in urban and rural settings. In addition, researchers have been involved in climate change policy development including monitoring and evaluation techniques and the translation of new policy into national planning and implementation instruments.

View/download our Climate Change Adaptation capability statement here.

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