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Our graduates

Graduates from our PhD and Masters program have consistently achieved excellent examiners' reports from international leaders in their fields. Most have been eligible for the UTS Chancellor's Award, and several have been placed on the Chancellor's List.

The following students have graduated from ISF's postgraduate program:

Verena Streitferdt (2017) Optimising energy efficiency finance in emerging economies in Southeast Asia 

Ariane Liu (2016) Smart water-use feedback: options, preferences, impacts, and implications for implementation.

Reza Memary (2016) Life cycle assessment for metals: from technical investigations to system innovations.

Eleanor Glenn (2015) From clashing to matching: examining the legitimation codes that underpin shifting views about climate change. 

John McKibbin (2015) Ascendance, resistance, resilience: concepts and analyses for designing affordable and robust energy and water systems.

Tania Leimbach (2015) Sustainability and the Material Imagination in Australian Cultural Organisations.

Juergen Peterseim (2015) Enabling concentrating solar power in Australia: An investigation of the benefits and potential role of concentrating solar power/non-conventional fuel hybrid plants in Australia’s transition to a low-carbon energy future.

Erica Olesson (2015) Application of two theoretical frameworks to examine how a large Australian corporation has approached sustainability over the last decade.

Dena Fam (2014) People and practices: Fostering transitions toward sustainability through transdisciplinary inquiry in the process of individual, social and organisational learning.

Johannes Behrisch (2013) Incorporating ecological consideration into industrial design practice.

Keren Winterford (2013) A strengths perspective on social accountability : informing citizen and state action for improved services and development.

Andrew Glover (2012) Should it stay or should it go? Negotiating value and waste in the divestment of household objects.

Jenny Kent (2012) Climate change – whose responsibility? From the personal to the global.

Chris Nelson (2012) Applying phenomenography to development aid: should we recognise and embrace complexity in aid practice?

Christiane Baumann (2012) Making better choices — an investigation of collaborative stakeholder dialogue as catalyst for consensus building and learning in the transport policy process.

Jane Palmer (2011) 'An eye open in the dark': Life story ethnography and the future of social-ecological systems.

Tanzi Smith (2011) Ecological frameworks for sustainable communities: testing the theory in a developing country context.

Dana Cordell (2010) The Story of Phosphorus: Sustainability implications of global phosphorus scarcity for food security.

Chris Reardon (2010) The diffusion of sustainable practices within the Australian housing industry : implications for future change management.

Suzanne Grob (2010) Sustainable organisational procurement: pathway of transition for Australian organisations.

Kumi Abeysuriya (2008) A pathway to sustainability in urban sanitation for developing Asian countries.

Michelle Zeibots (2008) Space, time, economics and asphalt: an investigation of induced traffic growth caused by urban motorway expansion and the implications this has for the sustainability of cities.

Dick Clarke (2006) Planning Controls and Sustainability - Planfirst's potential seen through a case study of Pittwater 21.

Chris Riedy (2005) The Eye of the Storm: An Integral Perspective on Sustainable Development and Greenhouse Policy.

Simon Fane (2005) Planning for sustainable urban water : systems-approaches and distributed strategies.

Paul Crawford (2004) Aiding aid: a monitoring and evaluation framework to enhance international aid effectiveness.

Wahidul K. Biswas (2003) Empowering Rural Poor through Renewable Energy Technologies for Sustainable Development in Bangladesh.

Annie Bolitho (2003, co-supervised by ISF) New Dimensions in Water Conservation; An Inter-animation of writing and water.

Gabrielle Kuiper (2002) Asking awkward questions about environmental information: state of the environment reporting in Australia, England and Wales.

Karla Sperling (2002) Overcoming legal impediments to urban planning for sustainability in the Sydney greater metropolitan region.