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How to apply

Do you want to join our Postgraduate Program in 2017?

Applications from domestic students that wish to commence postgraduate study in January 2018 are due to ISF by 31st October 2017. Applications from international students that wish to commence postgraduate study in January 2018 are due to ISF by 30th September 2017. Please note that all prospective students must be pre-approved by ISF before applying through UTS.

For a graphical overview of the ISF postgraduate application process, click here.

The application process for prospective students has the following stages:

  1. First, make a direct inquiry to ISF about the possibility of conducting PhD or Masters research, at isf@uts.edu.au, or call ISF at 02 9514 4950. It would be beneficial to prepare a brief statement detailing the research you would like to conduct, with this initial enquiry.

    Additionally, you may find it useful to become familiar with the research areas and approaches utilised by the Institute, or to contact the UTS University Graduate School to receive information relating to UTS postgraduate scholarships and enrolment.
  2. After contacting the Institute, and expressing your interest in conducting postgraduate research here, you will then be sent an enquiry form by an Institute representative. Complete this form, and return it to ISF, along with your current CV. These documents will then be circulated to ISF HDR supervisors, in order to determine the viability of your research project. If no ISF supervisor is currently available to supervise your project, you will be advised at this point.

    If there is an ISF supervisor available to supervise your research project, you will be contacted. The supervisor will then assist you in producing an ISF application, which consists of two documents.
  3. You will be required to respond to Postgraduate Application Assessment Criteria, evaluating your professional experience, research output, research proposal and academic merit. Additionally, you will be required to develop a Research Proposal, which briefly details the significance and importance of the research you intend to conduct, the existing knowledge within the field, and your intended research methodology.

    For more details about the Assessment Criteria and the Research Proposal, click here. 

  4. Your ISF application will then be considered by the ISF Faculty Board. If your application is successful, you will then be invited to apply to make a formal application to UTS, through the University Graduate School.

Please note that the ISF postgraduate application process is separate from the UTS postgraduate process. Typically, the ISF postgraduate application is required to be completed a minimum of three weeks prior to the UTS application due date. Applications for postgraduate research places at the Institute for Sustainable Futures are subject to the same criteria as applications to any UTS Faculty or Institute.

For information about applying to the UTS postgraduate program, click here. Additionally, for information relating to domestic research scholarships, please click here, and for information relating to international research scholarships, please click here.

Additionally, please note that different deadlines exist for UTS postgraduate applications for domestic and international students, and that different ISF deadlines exist accordingly. The deadline for international postgraduate research applications to ISF is typically a minimum of four weeks prior to the deadline for domestic postgraduate research applications to ISF. 

For more information on applying to UTS postgraduate programs as an international student, please see here.