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Current postgraduate researchers

Bao Anh Nong (PhD) Using collaborative modelling as an aid to support adaptive management process in climate change context

Ben Madden (Masters) Assessing waste to energy and its impacts on waste recovery in NSW using system dynamics

Bronwyn Cumbo (PhD) Co-design of digital tools to connect children in cities to their local natural places.

Chris Dunstan (PhD) A Question of Balance: Applying the principles of Integrated Resource Planning to the Australian competitive electricity market.

Dylan Meade (PhD) Modelling changes in active travel behaviour: assessing the movement towards sustainable urban transport systems in Australian cities.

Emilia de la Sienra (PhD) The education for the future: a learning model to self-recognise and transform worldviews and unsustainable behaviours.

Erika Whillas (PhD) Can participatory democracy be scaled with the use of digital tools to improve urban governance?

Faisal Nadeem (PhD) Mapping agriculture sector vulnerability assessment to climate change at district level in Pakistan

Ian Cunningham (PhD) Agile WASH Systems – Strength based approaches to resilience

Isabel Sebastian (PhD) New metrics and changing mindsets: Are they enough to shift business towards a new paradigm.

Jack Thomson (PhD) Disaster risk reduction amongst the rural poor: lessons for climate change adaptation and transboundary development.

Jeremy Kohlitz (PhD) Local government monitoring of water and sanitation service vulnerability to climate change.

Judy Friedlander (PhD) A meaty discourse: creating a media agenda for an inconvenient message.

Kate Hughes (PhDIntegration mechanisms in risk communication about the selection of remediation design for persistent organic pollutants: bridging content, bridging process and perception benefit.

Katelyn Bywaters (PhD) Understanding the psychological factors which affect pedestrian behaviour in congested public transport environments.

Katie Ross (PhD) Learning for transformation: Exploring the impact of trandisciplinary, service learning in equipping students to progress wicked problems

Kevin Morrison Kevin Morrison (Masters) Achieving sustainable spending for multi-generational benefit from the extraction of finite resources.

Laure-Elise Ruoso (PhD) Cultural ecosystem services at the landscape scale

Lily Huang (PhD) Modelling Sector Based Carbon Emissions in China Using Complex Network Theory and Input-Output Analysis

Majed Marzouk (Masters) Environmental equilibrium for transport models

Mathew Hounsell (Masters) Analysis of transport networks using TOTO datasets and modelling

Matthew Daly (PhD) Grassroots sustainable housing initiatives in Australia: Transitioning to environmentally sustainable consumption patterns.

Momtaj Khalil (PhD) Indigenous knowledge and community trust in climate change adaption - learning from coastal settlements of Bangladesh.

Naomi Carrard (PhD) Water and sanitation within planetary boundaries: Exploring service delivery approaches within a safe and just space operating space for humanity.

Nivek Thompson (PhD) Using an institutional change lens to assess the impact of democratic innovations on the institutions of representative democracy.

Paloma Verajaro (PhD) Connections between traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) and governance of ecosystem services in the Post-conflict scenario in the Colombian Amazon

Rachel Watson (PhD) The full spectrum of costs and benefits of decentralised recycled water schemes under varying governance arrangements.

Reba Paul (PhD) Energy Sensitive Urban Water Planning in Developing Countries

Sarina Kilham (PhD) Social sustainability in biodiesel production: Brazil and Timor-Leste.

Simon Wright  (PhD) Business models for future value chains: networks for innovation in sustainability. 

Stephen McGrail (PhD) Anticipatory interventions: Evaluating the use and utility of ‘prospective’ exercises and methods in interventions in sustainability challenges.

Tani Khara (PhD) Exploring values associated with ethical orientations using the Schwartz value theory: a comparison across urban India

Tani Shaw (PhD) How effective is the OECD Global Project “Measuring the Progress of Societies” as an agent of change? 

Tanja Rosenqvist (PhD) Institutional arrangements for decentralised sanitation service provision in developing country contexts.

Wendy Shiqiao Wang (PhD) How does the institutional environment influence public transport infrastructure investment in Australian medium-sized cities? 

Wendy Yeomans (PhD) A Tale of Two Precincts: Monitoring and Evaluation of Two Major Developments