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May 2013

The Institute is building a network of industry and research partners to help develop Australia’s first research centre dedicated to energy efficiency and decentralised energy.
The University of Technology, Sydney is developing strong long term relationships with a selection of overseas universities. TheseKey Technology Partnerships aim to strengthen ties, increase the number of inbound students and establish mutually beneficial research relationships. The Institute is involved in two of these KTP relationships.

April 2013

Over the past 15 years, the scientific community has increasingly invoked the idea of ‘ecosystem services’ to convince policy makers to take action to conserve nature based on the “value” of biodiversity and ecosystems to humans.
Senior Institute researcher Fiona Berry is taking her commitment to sustainability up a notch by participating in the Centre for Sustainability Leadership’s Fellowship Program.

February 2013

Eleanor Glenn is a PhD candidate at the Institute whose research is about ‘Exploring the social construction of climate change through dialogue’.

October 2011

This month our Director Prof. Stuart White won the 2011 Research Leadership Award at the UTS Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Research Excellence.

August 2011

The role of media in raising awareness of a significant but overlooked environmental issue is the focus of an ISF post-graduate research project.

July 2011

Eight new research staff joined the Institute following our recent recruitment round. They bring a wealth of expertise and experience that will build on our capacity across our research areas.

June 2011

Congratulations to Dana Cordell and Tanzi Smith who graduated from the Institute’s postgraduate program in May.

May 2011

Sustainability Victoria has just released the DANCE model recently developed by Institute researchers. The Dynamic Avoidable Network Cost Evaluation model consists of time series maps that highlight value hotspots in both time and space where decentralized energy (DE) resources could potentially be applied most cost-effectively by deferring network investment.

January 2011

The state government pressed ahead with building a $1.9 billion desalination plant at Kurnell in 2007.
We are recruiting for the following positions:

August 2010

What is the stuff linking Christmas Island and Nauru in the political issue, boat people, that might turn today's election? It's shit. Bird shit, to be precise.

April 2010

Following a very successful recruitment round we are pleased to welcome several new staff to the Institute. A large number of candidates with impressive qualifications and experience applied for each of the advertised positions.