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South Australia's forward plan for battery power

18 July 2017

Listen to Geoff James speaking on 2SER's Think:Sustainability program about how the worlds largest lithium ion battery planned for South Australia will work, and its purpose.

The Tesla 100 MW battery is of world significance both because of its size and its impact. The urgent need to keep South Australia's grid frequency stable was demonstrated by the September blackout. Geoff explains how the Tesla battery is an important part of the solution and will be available quickly enough to provide support during the coming summer.

Co–locating the battery with a wind farm highlights another key characteristic of battery energy storage: its value is being able to do multiple things at once, and to do them quickly. Geoff says the Tesla battery farm, like a modern Stonehenge aligned with the surrounding turbines, will shift wind energy production to make it more dispatchable and therefore more profitable.

At the same time, its high power capacity will be available in quick bursts to keep frequency in the right range. In just the same way, batteries at residential and commercial premises can support both the owner and the grid, and it won’t be very long before South Australia can aggregate another 100 MW of battery capacity in this way.

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