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Radio interview with Prof. White about decentralised energy

24 December 2013

Interview with Professor Stuart White, Institute of Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney. Compere says White has just launched the Australian Decentralised Energy Road Map, which came out of a lot of work done by the Intelligent Grid Research Project. White says the road map is needed because the only way to reduce greenhouse emissions using currently available technology is to implement a strategy of decentralised energy. Compere says the Energy White Paper seems to have a resistance to more renewable energies getting attached to the grid. White talks about the importance of renewable energies for the future. White says by having the right incentives and signals, there is no need for trade offs between what is good for the distribution companies such as Electricity Trust of South Australia and what is good for the environment and consumers. White says the biggest contributor to rising power bills is the cost of expanding network to meet peak demand. White talks about the cost of electricity distribution under the current model, which cost bigger than the National Broadband Network. White talks about why there is resistance to decentralising energy. White talks about how people can find out more about their road map. Compere says their team is working with the CSIRO Intelligent Grid Research.

Three D Radio, Adelaide, The Environment Show, 24 Dec 2013 7:50PM