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Professional development for transport planners

11 July 2017

Register now at early bird rates for these Continuing Professional Development courses run by ISF sustainable transport experts.

Short course: Travel Planning 28-29 August 2017

This two-day course enables participants to learn-by-doing through a series of interactive exercises that provide instruction on applying the Travel Plan methodology to a range of different sites (workplace and mixed-use residential). It provides insights and approaches to effective communication with key decision-makers, specifying Travel Plans as part of the regulatory requirements for development consent and on-going management, monitoring and evaluation.

Short Course: Integrated Transport and Land Use 11-12 September 2017

This course provides an introduction to transport and land-use relationships from a whole-of-system perspective, encompassing physical network operations, land-use morphology and economic agglomeration factors. Participants will learn how transport networks and land uses combine to influence accessibility.