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PhD scholarship: Vulnerability, Health and Environmental Risk

11 July 2017

Call for Expressions of Interest - UTS PhD Scholarship

Vulnerability, Health and Environmental Risk

There is growing interest in how vulnerable populations deal with environmental risk, particularly in terms of contaminated lands. NSW alone has an estimated 30,000 contaminated sites. An estimated 1,600 of these sites pose significant risks that require intervention to limit danger to human health and the environment. Vulnerable populations are particularly prone to contaminant risk.

The Institute for Sustainable Futures and Faculty of Health at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) are seeking a PhD student (Australian citizen or permanent resident) to undertake collaborative research on how vulnerable populations deal with environmental risk.  

The applicant's proposed programme of research at UTS is to undertake research with vulnerable communities affected by contaminant risks in Australia and the UK. The programme of research will extend and strengthen a NSW Environmental Trust Research project that aims to provide guidance and tools for governments to effectively engage communities in responding to contaminant risk and its remediation. Whilst the applicant will be located at the Institute for Sustainable Futures, they will also work closely with academics from the Faculty of Health. The ISF is a world-leading institute for sustainability with experience and expertise in researching community health and the built environment. Similarly, public health researchers at Public Health, Faculty of Health, UTS have a strong research presence in public health, health services research and researching vulnerable and priority communities.

Furthermore the applicant’s proposed programme will be part of an emerging research partnership between University of Technology Sydney and the University of Dundee.  As a result of this partnership it is expected that the student will engage with researchers at the University of Dundee and contribute to longer-term research collaborations to develop methodologies and strategies that promote effective responses to environmental health risks that are a significant concern in the UK and Australia.

We envisage that this research will take an interdisciplinary approach. It will examine how vulnerable populations are effected by contaminated lands, examine the barriers that they face in developing effective responses, and identify solutions to improve response strategies for government and other support agencies. Candidates with a background in public health, planetary health, healthy planning or health geographies would be ideal, although other disciplinary backgrounds will be considered if they have an interest in extending their theoretical and methodological scope.

The scholarship is offered by UTS, and aligns with research being undertaken as part of a NSW Environmental Trust Research Grant (Category 1). The successful candidate will be based at the Institute for Sustainable Futures and Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney.

This opportunity is only available to an Australian citizen (including Australian citizens with dual citizenship), or a student who is a New Zealand citizen or a student who has Permanent Resident status. Applicants must meet all eligibility requirements for admission to the UTS higher degree research program.

Applications for this position should include:

  1. Covering letter including preferred start date, if successful
  2. CV including referee details
  3. Academic transcripts

Please send to Associate Professor Jason Prior by August 31st, 2017.

For further information about this scholarship please contact either Associate Professor Jason Prior or Dr Dena Fam

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