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UTSpeaks - Australia's New Energy Ecosystem

Can the transition to renewable and decentralised energy create a clean and affordable future for us all?

Snowy 2.0. Tesla batteries save SA. Clean coal. Beyond the headlines and political soundbites, the national energy system that has served us since the mid-20th century is changing before our very eyes. 

But can future change be better planned to benefit one and all?

Australia’s energy system is interconnected and complex, delivering reliable electricity to homes, businesses and industry with diversity and balance between supply, demand, consumers and technologies both large and small. Add in the social, environmental and economic factors of providing power to the masses and this mostly invisible electricity network is best thought of as an ecosystem.

The so-called ‘tri-lemma’ of transitioning Australia’s energy ecosystem to provide affordable and reliable power while addressing climate change offers exciting opportunities. With the nation’s coal-fired power stations approaching retirement, the rapid cost reductions in new technologies and the digital revolution unleashing our country’s innovation and creativity, a clean decentralised energy ecosystem is emerging.

New UTS research shows that energy solutions like renewable energy, battery storage, smart software and demand management can transform our energy ecosystem into one that is cheaper, cleaner, fairer, faster and more flexible – and importantly more reliable and secure than today.

The loud and at times divisive national conversation on energy and climate is a truly unique moment in our nation’s history. By overhauling our energy grid we can bring power prices down and regain our position as innovation leaders.

Join leading energy thinkers on 17 August for an inspiring, urgent and vital discussion about the path towards a clean, fair and resilient energy ecosystem that will power Australia well into the 21st century and beyond.



17 August 2017
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Pre events drinks commence from 6pm


City - BroadwayCB01 Tower

UTS Great Hall, Level 5, Tower Building,15 Broadway, Ultimo.


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