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Short Course: Integrated Transport and Land Use

The Cahill Expressway.

This course provides an introduction to transport and land-use relationships from a whole-of-system perspective, encompassing physical network operations, land-use morphology and economic agglomeration factors. Participants will learn how:

  • Transport networks and land uses combine to influence accessibility.
  • To measure and use accessibility to help identify where best to locate specific land uses.
  • Accessibility affects land values and housing affordability.
  • Different modes combine to form overall transport networks
  • The capacity and other aspects of transport networks should influence land use planning, zoning, development and parking controls.
  • System feedback processes operate in cities and what this means for improving sustainability.

This program is particularly useful for:

  • Land-use planners in State and Local Government
  • Urban transport infrastructure and service planners
  • Traffic engineers interested in multi-modal travel demand management
  • Consultants involved in helping to deliver more integrated urban solutions
  • Urban designers involved in transit-oriented developments

Program topics include:

  • Principles for integrating transport and land use to enhance customer service
  • Activity centres and metropolitan structure
  • Accessibility, land value & productivity
  • Cities and Transport Networks
  • Systems thinking (1) – urban dynamics and service performance
  • Measuring regional and local system performance
  • Integrating land use & transport – metro scale
  • Systems thinking (2) – induced traffic
  • Workshop on transport networks
  • Local accessibility and public transport catchments
  • Design workshop on catchments
  • Workshop – local access and land use
  • The future of the sustainable city
  • Facilitated group discussion

Course outcomes:

Travel Plans provide an administrative platform for greater coordination between property managers, users and public transport service providers.

On completing this short course, participants are eligible for CPD points with CILTA, PIA, AIA, GBCA and AITPM. 

For more details about the course outcomes, view the course outline here.

About the presenter

Dr Michelle Zeibots MPIA CMILTA, is a Transport Planner, specialising in sustainable urban passenger transport and travel behaviour change in response to changes in supply conditions.


11 - 12 September 2017
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


City - BroadwayCB10 Building 10

Building 10, Level 7, Room 105


$1,500. Please note that various discounts apply for full time students, alumni, interstate and international participants, and early bird regisrations. For more details, click the full description of the short course below



+61 (02) 9514 4900