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Institute researchers have produced a number ground breaking publications that support communities, governments and businesses seeking to create change towards sustainable futures.

  • Wat2Do ! ┬áPlanning for resilient water systems. ┬áThis options assessment framework was developed to assist the Melbourne metropolitan water industry in planning for the future in the context of uncertainties such as climate, population growth, economic activity and unexpected shocks.
  • Trade Secrets: eleven videos that ┬áprovide clear, practical and visual teaching resources to cover all the 'must-knows' for builders, plumbers and electricians who have had little exposure to formal training in sustainable practices
  • Costing for sustainable outcomes in urban water systems - a guidebook outlines how to cost sustainable urban water systems comprehensively and accurately so that final decisions by water agencies are both defensible and transparent.
  • Your Home is a suite of consumer and technical guide materials and tools developed to encourage the design, construction or renovation of homes to be comfortable, healthy and more environmentally sustainable.
  • Sustainability tool selector: A guide for local government showcases ten tools that can help council staff with evaluation, decision making, developing performance indicators and tracking progress towards sustainability at an organizational and project level.
  • Guide to Demand Management provides an outline on how to design and implement a demand management program that delivers the dual objectives of ensuring greater efficiency in our use of water and in a manner which is acceptable to the community.
  • Green lease guide for commercial office tenants explains what a green lease is; what to look for when choosing a building; the important aspects to consider when designing on office fitout; and valuable tips on designing an office fitout.
  • Selecting sanitation options: a case study of South Can Tho. This case study demonstrates how alternatives for sustainable wastewater infrastructure options can be assessed on the basis of cost-effectiveness and the relative sustainability of the options through a participatory stakeholder assessment process.

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