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March 2017

Connecting gender equality and universal WASH | Community energy: a fast and fair energy transition | Which companies are leading on packaging sustainability? | Supporting social auditing in Timor-Leste | Content, clarity and charisma at the FameLab semi-final | New release for network opportunity maps

February 2017

Smarter ways to beat blackouts & support solar | Transforming Sri Lanka's food system | When uncertainty is expected & creativity encouraged | Imagining a better future for urban water | Cutting food waste at festivals and markets | Community energy and the White House | New resources for enterprises delivering WASH | Development futures and environmental boundaries

November 2016

Networks Renewed | Electric Planet: Zunz lecture | Battery safety in the home | Unlocking hidden value | Learning to improve WASH programs | Making the rights to water and sanitation real | Decoupling GDP growth from environmental impact | Blue pump evaluation in Kenya and the Gambia

October 2016

The 2016 global wind energy outlook | Processing organic food waste at UTS | Managing peri-urban food production | Community Energy Congress | Seeking to accelerate change towards sustainability | Water for sustainable growth | World forum for a responsible economy | Love thy Nature film screening

September 2016

Kangaroo Island could be powered by 100 per cent renewable energy | Award for Australia’s leading researcher on phosphorus scarcity | Strength-based approaches and citizen-led water supply | Ending poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring prosperity for all | Reimagining the way urban decentralised sanitation is managed | Short course on integrated transport and land use

August 2016

New maps open window to a clean local energy future | People power is the secret to reliable clean energy | Successful panel discussion on solar, storage and start-ups | The value of green space in high density urban environments | Supporting community adaptation to water shortages in Kiribati | Bridging private and public spheres for improved sanitation | The risks associated with waste fires in Australia | Register now for transport short courses

July 2016

Cohousing as a viable option for aging with dignity | Sydney Internet of Things Community Power Project | Brazilian launch of "Managing Drought" | Virtual trials make the case for local energy | New designs for bus shelters weather the effects of climate change | ISF at the Food Politics conference | Travel Planning and Integrated Transport and Land Use short courses | We're recruiting

June 2016

Assisting low-income households to save energy and money | Measuring food waste at Pyrmont festival | Universal and sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene | The role of innovation in urban water futures | Climate adapted people shelters competition judging event | SDGs in the Asia Pacific; A shared agenda for action

May 2016

Minister launches new Transport Research Centre | Making community-scale sanitation work well in Indonesia | A long-awaited container deposit scheme for NSW | Good Living for the Long Run | Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for everyone, all the time | The journey to 100% renewable cities and towns | Movers, makers and environmental shakers

April 2016

100% Renewables Energy for Australia | Facilitating climate change adaptation in Kiribati | Improving child safety by recycling cell batteries | China's energy transition | Surveying users of the Ultimo Goods Line | Trees versus light rail | We're recruiting | Annual Green Week Dinner

March 2016

Loving food at farmers’ markets | Improving the lives of women and girls | What California can learn from Australia’s millennium drought | Last chance to participate in WASH survey | Summer study fires up energy productivity push | Teaching and learning grants for TD research | Placing sustainable cities on the agenda | 2SER launches new show about sustainability

February 2016

Smart cool bus shelters | The future of Sydney's food bowl | Big Thinking forum about Feeding Sydney | Our most overlooked energy resource | A new alliance to promote the greening of Australian cities | ​Building a level playing field for local electricity generation

December 2015

Dealing with drought | Effective and ethical research practices to support aid and development | Endeavour Scholarship to study child-nature interactions in cities | ISF welcomes Timothy Foster as Postdoctoral Research Fellow | How does climate change affect you? | Big thinking forums at the Sydney Festival | Energy productivity: more economic growth, less energy consumption

November 2015

Helping consumers choose a green electricity retailer | Community adaptation to water shortages in Kiribati | Celebrating leadership and innovation in sustainability | Delivering equality of access to water and sanitation | Reducing food waste by design | Transformations towards sustainability |Who is responsible for taking action on climate change?

October 2015

New maps show best value for renewable investment | ISF celebrates third 'woman of influence' | What drives ISF's women of influence? | Setting our sights on sustainable development goals | Building trust in grassroots responses to climate disasters | Recent graduates thank the ISF research community | A new framework for transdisciplinary research | #think Lectures: Endless Prosperity | We're recruiting

September 2015

Improving access to safe water in Vietnam | Sharing economy survey | Stakeholder workshop explores Local Network Charges | Gender equality in the Pacific | Want to work alongside leading sustainability thinkers? | Let's empower a brighter tomorrow | Pathways to universal and sustained WASH | Innovating to adapt I Find out more about ISF

August 2015

Recognition for water research leadership | Planning for Sydney's food futures | How green is my electricity retailer? | Responding to turbulence by building adaptive resilience | Realising the human rights to water and sanitation | Postgraduate research that creates change | Welcome to Lawrence McIntosh

July 2015

Helping communities adapt to a changing climate | Institutional pathways to integrated urban water | Planning a cardiovascular service in the community pharmacy setting | Water for Development | Summer Study's bright prospects for energy | Responding to turbulence - building adaptive resilience | In the Conversation this month |

June 2015

Drought response: lessons from Australia for North and South America | Australia’s sustainable energy future is all about community | Building a level playing field for local energy consumers | Transforming our food systems to meet the phosphorus challenge | Welcome Tony Kelly | Tasty not Wasty Dinner | The Resilience of Girls: Nepal and Beyond:

May 2015

Listening to stories about water and sanitation in Alaska | New toolkits to help students love food hate waste | Researchers & industry looks to ‘circular economy’ | Welcome Melita Grant | Bringing an industrial design perspective to ecodesign |

April 2015

Saving water, energy and money | Who do Australians trust on ‘toxic news’? | Art competition: Imagining the Circular Economy | Revolutionising how we think about infrastructure | Protecting natural resources a priority when planning for extreme weather | Sustainable Water Management | Tasty not Wasty Green Week Dinner

March 2015

Mapping Sydney's phosphorus supply and demand | What will a circular economy look like in Australia? | Broaden your skills in sustainable transport practice | State of Play | Reducing our hunger for meat essential for food security

February 2015

Child Health Now | Communicating Climate Change when our brains are wired to ignore it | Book launch: Meat the Future | What will it be like to live in the ACT in 2060?

December 2014

Innovations to boost the energy sector | Beginning at the end | A level playing field for local energy | Network Opportunity Mapping project launched

November 2014

Solving wicked problems in Alaska using design thinking | What does climate action sound like? |Changing shopping practices in NSW | Global sustainability jam | A woman of influence, a couple of champions and more

October 2014

Phosphorus: Future urban transformations | Chef Jared Ingersoll to share food waste advice | Learn how to apply travel planning methodology | Integrating equity into water safety | Western Sydney Open Innovation Hub | Save the date: World Resources Forum Asia Pacific

September 2014

Housing of the future | Building our community of scholars | Tackling food waste from root to stalk | Industry and research partnerships | 1 million women video | Confronting our consumerism: values for a sustainable future

August 2014

Ethics for development | Evaluating the Gunbalanya water initiative | Smart grid, smart city | Welcome: Sebastian Oliva Henriquez, Rachael Hackney and Ben Madden

July 2014

Human rights to water and sanitation: from policy to practice | Climate change adaptation in the Pacific: a child centred approach | The year that was 2013 | Community Energy Congress | Where are all the trees? | UTSpeaks: Treasure in Trash

June 2014

Fix it workshops | Shifts happen: making better recycled water investment decisions | What is the future of GreenPower in Australia? | Global trends in water recycling | Latest publications | Integrated and Systemic Thinking and Simulation