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The Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF) is a university research institute that creates change towards sustainable futures by conducting independent project based research for Australian and international clients.

There are several ways we can work together with you to create change towards sustainable futures.

We draw on a range of methods and tools from different disciplines, creating practical solutions to real world problems. Our research spans ten broad research areas and we have been involved in several large groundbreaking research projects.

The Institute supports PhD and Masters postgraduate study by research that addresses complex societal problems and the challenges of creating change towards a sustainable future.

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Major projects

We have led many groundbreaking and high-profile research projects in collaboration with governments, businesses and communities seeking to create change towards sustainable futures.
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World Resources Forum

Join us in Sydney for the inaugural World Resources Forum Asia-Pacific on 1-2 June 2015 and be part of conquering the waste challenge through productivity and innovation.
A three-year research project to help better integrate renewable energy and demand management with Australia’s electricity networks was launched officially on Monday 1 December. The project aims to anticipate future network constraints and opportunities, reduce the need for new grid infrastructure and plan more effectively the use of decentralised energy resources.
Starting with a richly articulated picture of where we would like to be at some defined point in the future has powerful consequences for any human endeavour, not least for transdisciplinary (TD) research. A journal article by Prof. Cynthia Mitchell, Dr Dena Fam & Dr Dana Cordell describing the way Institute researchers do this has just been accepted by the prestigious journal Futures.
Renewable energy and energy efficiency are key research areas for ISF and we are pleased to announce two provisional patents in these areas were filed in November 2014. Juergen Peterseim completed his PhD on concentrating solar power hybrid plants with ISF this year and has developed a novel solar tower structure and method of construction and an improved gas turbine inlet air cooling concept
The operators of Australia’s electricity networks are advised to prepare for the future by recognising and rewarding local energy, or risk disruptive change as the country’s energy system undergoes an unprecedented transformation, argues the Institute for Sustainable Futures in a new issues paper.

Creating change towards sustainable futures

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Prof Stuart White features in the ABC TV Catalyst special episode 'Future Cities'

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