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The Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF) is a university research institute that creates change towards sustainable futures by conducting independent project based research for Australian and international clients.

There are several ways we can work together with you to create change towards sustainable futures.

We draw on a range of methods and tools from different disciplines, creating practical solutions to real world problems. Our research spans ten broad research areas and we have been involved in several large groundbreaking research projects.

The Institute supports PhD and Masters postgraduate study by research that addresses complex societal problems and the challenges of creating change towards a sustainable future.

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Continuing Professional Development

The Institute is delivering a CPD course that will provide participants with a competency-based learning program in the development of Travel Plans for specific sites and precincts.
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Institute researchers have produced a number ground breaking publications that support communities, governments and businesses seeking to create change towards sustainable futures.
Are you interested in water research? If so, please read on and see contact details below and visit the WaterRA website for full project proposal and relevant information... WaterRA is actively providing postgraduate support for research projects, which are specifically aligned to industry issues which address novel and cutting-edge theories. These projects are a great opportunity for exposure to an industry with a commitment to building research capability.
Practitioners and researchers working in the heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, and refrigerating (HVAC&R) industry came together at an industry summit hosted by ISF to discuss research needs and facilitate collaboration.
Each year, every NSW household throws away more than $1000 of food, according to the NSW EPA, equivalent to one in five bags of groceries going straight to the bin. ISF has just been awarded a grant from the NSW Government to introduce food sustainability into the curriculum for student chefs and event managers at Sydney TAFE. The research team hope new practices such as Root-to-Stalk cooking – clever and delicious ways to use the whole vegetable – will focus community attention on wasting less food.
Every year, ISF research students and their supervisors take a couple of days out of the office for our annual Retreat. This tradition began way back in 2002. There are several reasons why we do it. First, the Retreat is a chance to deeply engage with shared challenges for sustainable futures research. Over the years, we’ve considered topics such as trans-disciplinary research, theories of change, futures thinking and systems thinking.


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Latest projects

Research into the impact of global phosphorus scarcity on agriculture has been a recent focus for the Institute leading it to instigate the formation of the Global Phosphorus Research Initiative to facilitiate quality interdisciplinary research on this issue.

Wealth from Waste
A research collaboration cluster project that evaluates the capacity for Australia to widen its approach to mineral production to one that involves greater secondary production as a means of reducing the environmental, social and economic impacts of primary production, and increasing capacity to supply the region with minerals for a range of advanced manufacturing applications.

Intelligent Grid
ISF was Cluster Leader for this Australian collaboration between the CSIRO and five universities to investigate technologies and practices to make our electricity networks smart, greener and more efficient.

Latest publications

Kuruppu, N.Murta, J.Mukheibir, P.Chong, J. & Brennan, T. 2013, Understanding the adaptive capacity of Australian small-to-medium enterprises to climate change and variability, 1st, National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, Gold Coast.

Moy, Giurco and Boyle. 2013. ‘Can smart meters create smart behaviour?’ in World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 79, 2013, p.714-721

Giurco. 2013. ‘A National Minerals Strategy: Making our own luck in the Asian Century’ in Australiasian Mining Review, Issue 8, p.16

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