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UTS Health Strategy

Health at UTS – Strategic Directions 2016-21

Creating sustainable, people-centred and integrated health systems and care with the wider health sector, underpinned by translational science, thought leadership, advocacy and innovative health technologies, policies and practice.

Composite image representing various aspects of health care and research

Health is everyone’s business.
We are all affected by it and we are all responsible for it.

At UTS, we’re committed to improving the overall health and wellbeing of our communities and creating people-centred health systems that are sustainable and equitable — from a healthy start to life to ageing well.

Globally, health is in a new and challenging era. Health systems continue to be under immense pressure, trying to meet rising demands, while delivering more value with fewer resources. Added to this is an ageing population, with an increased need for personalised health care within an explosion of digital health technologies and big data.

UTS has a diversity of health expertise that offers unique advantages in taking on these new global health challenges and devising novel and sustainable solutions to the delivery and management of health care.

We’re focused on innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. We foster an environment of creativity, agility and resilience in our people, processes and systems. And social justice is at the heart of everything we do.

UTS is poised to help lead change in strong partnership the broader health sector and industry, through a unique whole-of-university and inter-professional approach to our health research and innovation, teaching and learning, strategic engagement and thought leadership.

We’re working to help redesign our health system for a healthier future.

Find out how we can work together to tackle tomorrow’s health problems with disruptive and practical solutions.

Professor Elizabeth Sullivan MD MPH MMed (Sexual Health) MBBS FAFPHM
Assistant Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Professor of Public Health
email: redesigninghealth@uts.edu.au


UTS Health Strategy 2016-2021 (PDF, 499.86kB, 2 pages)