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Side by Side: Bringing fun back to family

Is your family struggling with a child or teenager who is oppositional, argumentative and defiant?

The UTS Health Psychology Unit is offering a free treatment program for families who have children with behavioural problems. Clinical psychologists from the Unit located near Royal North Shore Hospital will see families with children aged 7–14 on an individual outpatient basis for approximately 14 sessions. 

Research project

A defiant boy sticking his tongue outWe are comparing two therapies to see if they are effective when delivered in community clinics in Australian settings. The therapies are:

  1. Parent Management Training
  2. Collaborative and Proactive Solutions

Both therapies have been successfully used with families in the US.

What is required?

Families are offered 14 weekly sessions of free individual therapy with experienced clinical psychologists. For research purposes, assessment information is collected at the start and conclusion of therapy and 6 months after therapy is completed. Families are paid $100 for participating in the post-treatment and 6 month follow-up assessment.

Am I eligible?

Families with children aged between 7-14 years who are oppositional and defiant to a level that causes distress to others and/or social or school problems for the child. Families need to reside within a 15km radius of North Sydney.

More information

Please contact Dr Rachael Murrihy on 9514 4077 or at rachael.murrihy@uts.edu.au to request referral forms, or for more information.


Side by Side information sheet (PDF, 359.45kB, 7 pages)