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Health Psychology Unit
The UTS Health Psychology Unit is a not-for-profit psychology clinic staffed by warm, caring and highly qualified clinical psychologists. They specialise in evidence-based therapies for children, adolescents and adults with mental health problems.
Individual therapy
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General Psychology Clinic

The HPU General Psychology Clinic offers individual therapy. Our caring clinical psychologists have extensive experience working with children, adolescents and adults and understand the unique needs of each of these groups.
Featured programs
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Bringing fun back to the family

Is your family struggling with a child or teenager who is oppositional, argumentative and defiant? HPU is offering a free treatment program for families who have children with behavioural problems to bring fun back to the family.
Featured book
Staying Sane in the Fast Lane: Emotional Health in the 21st Century book cover

Staying Sane in the Fast Lane

Staying Sane in the Fast Lane: Emotional Health in the 21st Century explores strategies for maintaining emotional and behavioural control in an age of rapid technological change where there is pressure to work harder, pursue a career, raise families and sustain personal relationships.
Featured school program
A stressed out HSC student

Managing HSC Stress: A 4 week program

We specialise in helping senior students learn skills to cope with the HSC. Schools can book 1 hour HSC stress management talks for students and parents. We also have more intensive HSC stress management groups that run over a full day or 2 hour sessions over 4 weeks.

Book a therapy session: 9514 4077

Dr Danielle Ellis

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Danielle Ellis

Dr Ellis specialises in treating children and adolescents, although she also works with adult populations for a wide range of presenting problems. She is particularly interested in worry and anxiety, and has researched these conditions in adolescent populations.

Registered with

All our clinical psychologists are registered with the Pyschology Board of Australia so you are eligible for a Medicare rebate.

Pyschology Board of Australia

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Contribute to providing psychological therapy for families with youths with disruptive behaviour disorders, or support one of our other programs.

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Health Psychology Unit
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