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Tables of Ternary 18-run OAS (Plain 293KB) Author: Debbie Street

Comparing the UK EQ-5D-3L and English EQ-5D-5L value sets. CHERE Working Paper 2017/01 (PDF 1172KB). Authors: Brendan Mulhern, Yan Feng, Koonal Shah, Ben van Hout, Bas Janssen, Michael Herdman, and Nancy Devlin


Valuing Health-Related Quality of Life: An EQ-5D-5L Value Set for England. CHERE Working Paper 2016/01 (PDF 962KB). Authors: Nancy Devlin, Koonal Shah, Yan Feng, Brendan Mulhern, Ben van Hout

New methods for modelling EQ-5D-5L value stes: an application to English data. CHERE Working Paper 2016/02 (PDF 748KB). Authors: Yan Feng, Nancy Devlin, Koonal Shah, Brendan Mulhern, Ben van Hout

APHCRI Reports 2016

REFinE-PHC: Patient Experiences of Primary Care (PDF 540KB). Authors: Marion Haas, Richard de Abreu Lourenco, and the REFinE Team

REFinE-PHC Paying for Primary Health Care: Financial incentives for efficiency, equity and sustainability (PDF 783KB). Authors: Jane Hall, Kees van Gool and the REFinE Team

REFinE-PHC Preferences and choice in primary care: Consumers and providers (PDF 524KB). Authors: Stephen Goodall, Patsy Kenny, Chunzhou Mu, Jane Hall, Richard Norman, Jackie Cumming, Debbie Street, Jessica Greene and the REFinE Team

The REFinE-PHC Primary Health Care in Australia: towards a more sustainable and equitable health care system (PDF 475KB). Authors: Kees van Gool, Jane Hall and the REFinE Team


Estimating the Cost of Emergency Department Presentations in NSW. CHERE Working Paper 2014/01 (PDF 585KB). Authors: Reeve R, Haas M  


Can we get there from here? Implementing Health Reform in Australia. CHERE Working Paper 2013/02 (PDF 1360KB). Authors: Hall J, Kenny P, Power P

Pharmaceutical Policy in Australia. CHERE Working Paper 2013/01 (PDF 1218KB). Author: Parkinson B 


Measuring the loss of consumer choice in mandatory health programs using Discrete Choice Experiments. CHERE Working Paper 2012/04 (PDF 501KB). Autors: Parkinson B, Goodall S, Norman R 

National Clinical Standards and Cost Effectiveness. CHERE Working Paper 2012/03 (PDF 642KB). Author: Hall J

The training and job decisions of nurses – the first year of a longitudinal study investigating nurse recruitment and retention. CHERE Working Paper 2012/02 (PDF 504KB). Authors: Kenny P, Doiron D, Hall D, Milton-Wildey K, Parmenter, G 

Deriving utility weights for the EQ-5D-5L using a discrete choice experiment. CHERE Working Paper 2012/01 (PDF 462KB). Authors: Norman R, Cronin P, Viney R 


Job Preferences of Students and New Graduates in Nursing. CHERE Working Paper 2011/02 (PDF 3462KB). Authors: Doiron D, Hall J, Kenny P, Street D 

Understanding the costs of care for cystic fibrosis: an analysis by age and severity. CHERE Working Paper 2011/01 (PDF 374KB). Authors: Van Gool K, Norman R, Delatycki M, Hall J, Massie J 


Evaluation of participants' experiences with a non-restrictive minimally-structured lifestyle intervention. CHERE Working Paper 2010/11 (PDF 282KB). Authors: Owen K, Haas M, Pettman, Viney R 

The long run impact of child abuse on health care costs and wellbeing in Australia. CHERE Working Paper 2010/10 (PDF 293KB). Authors: Reeve R, van Gool K 

Waiting times and the decision to buy private health insurance. CHERE Working Paper 2010/09 (PDF 365KB). Authors: Johar M, Jones G, Keane M, Savage E, Stavrunova O 

The demand for private health insurance: do waiting lists or waiting times matter? CHERE Working Paper 2010/08 (PDF 333KB). Authors: Johar M, Jones G, Keane M, Savage E, Stavrunova O 

Differences in waiting times for elective admissions in NSW public hospitals: A decomposition analysis by non-clinical factors. CHERE Working Paper 2010/07. (PDF 554KB). Authors: Johar M, Jones G, Keane M, Savage E, Stavrunova O 

General Practitioners knowledge, views and practices regarding cervical cancer screening in Australia. CHERE Working Paper 2010/06 (PDF 273KB). Authors: Goodall S, Haas M, Viney R, Ward J 

Reducing the use of ineffective health care interventions. CHERE Working Paper 2010/05 (PDF 306KB). Authors: Gallego G, Haas M, Hall J, Viney R 

Joiners and leavers stayers and abstainers: Private health insurance choices in Australia. CHERE Working Paper 2010/04 (PDF 251KB). Authors: Knox S, Savage E, Fiebig D, Salale V 


Misperceptions of Body Mass: Analysis of NSW Health Survey 2003. CHERE Working Paper 2009/07 (PDF 281KB). Authors Cronin P, Haas M, Savage E, Vu M 

Evidence for funding, organising and delivering health care services targeting secondary prevention and management of chronic conditions. CHERE Working Paper 2009/06 (PDF 261KB). Authors: Haas M, Hall J, Gallego G

Social network theory and analysis: a preliminary exploration. CHERE Working Paper 2009/05 (PDF 206KB). Author: Haas M 

Framework for the Cost Benefit Analysis of the NSW Department of Community Services Brighter Futures Program. CHERE Working Paper 2009/04 (PDF 274KB). Authors: Van Gool K, Haas M, Gallego G, Tannous K, Katz I 

Evaluating changes in women’s attitudes towards cervical screening following a screening promotion campaign and a free vaccination program CHERE Working Paper 2009/03 (PDF 583KB). Authors: Johar M, Fiebig D, Haas R, Viney R

Use of Discrete Choice Experiments in health economics: An update of the literature. CHERE Working Paper 2009/02 (PDF 285KB). Authors: Guttmann R, Castle R, Fiebig D 

Issues in evaluating the costs and cost-effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Overweight/Obese Adolescents. CHERE Working Paper 2009/01 (PDF 255KB). Authors: Haas M, Norman R, Walkley J, Brennan L 


Variation in the costs of healthcare for chronic disease in Australia: the case of asthma. CHERE Working Paper 2008/07 (PDF 330KB). Authors: Kenny P, Hall J, King M

Breast screening in NSW, Australia: predictors of non-attendance and irregular attendance. CHERE Working Paper 2008/06 (PDF 311 KB). Authors: Vu M, van Gool K, Savage E, Haas M, Birch S 

Equity weights for economic evaluation: An Australian Discrete Choice Experiment. CHERE Working Paper 2008/05 (PDF 349KB). Authors: Norman R, Gallego G

Dementia Care Mapping and Patient-Centred Care in Australian Residential Homes: An Economic Evaluation of the CARE Study CHERE Working Paper 2008/04 (PDF 234KB). Authors: Norman R, Haas M, Chenoweth L, Jeon Y-H, King M, Brodaty H, Stein-Parbury J, Luscombe G

The Effect of Discounting on Quality of Life Valuation Using the Time Trade-Off. CHERE Working Paper 2008/03 (PDF 211KB). Authors: Norman R, Viney R

Advantageous selection in private health insurance: The case of Australia. CHERE Working Paper 2008/02 (PDF 307KB). Authors: Buchmueller TC, Fiebig D, Jones G, Savage E

A model for best practice HTA. CHERE Working Paper 2008/01 (PDF 424KB). Authors: Haas M, Hall J, Viney R, Gallego G, Goodall S, Norman R, van Gool K


Validation and calibration of the SF-36 health transition question in the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey. CHERE Working Paper 2007/15 (PDF 391KB). Authors: Knox S, King M 

A Markov model of Diabetic Retinopathy Progression for the Economic Evaluation of a novel DR prognostic device. CHERE Working Paper 2007/14 (PDF 282KB). Authors: Ting JHY, Martin DK, Haas M 

Validity, reliability and responsiveness of the EORTC QLQ-C30 and the EORTC QLQ-LC13 in Australians with early stage non-small cell lung cancer. CHERE Working Paper 2007/13 (PDF 603KB). Authors: King M, Winstanley J, Kenny P, Viney R, Zapart S, Boyer M 

The provision of informal care in terminal illness: an analysis of carers’ needs using a discrete choice experiment. CHERE Working Paper 2007/12 (PDF 370KB). Authors: Hall J, Kenny P, Hossain I 

Decisions about Pap tests: What influences women and providers? CHERE Working Paper 2007/11 (PDF 359KB). Authors: Fiebig D, Haas M, Hossain I, Viney R 

Population ageing, taxation, pensions and health costs. CHERE Working Paper 2007/10 (PDF 333KB). Authors: Apps P, Rees R, Wood M 

Valuing EQ-5D Health States: A Review and Analysis. CHERE Working Paper 2007/09 (PDF 852KB). Authors: Norman R, Cronin P, Viney R, King M, Street D, Brazier J, Ratcliffe J 

Joiners and leavers stayers and abstainers: Private health insurance choices in Australia. CHERE Working Paper 2007/08 (PDF 365KB). Authors: Knox S, Savage E, Fiebig D, Salale V 

The use of breast screening services in NSW: are we moving towards greater equity? CHERE Working Paper 2007/07 (PDF 280KB). Authors: Vu M, van Gool K, Savage E, Haas M, Birch S 

Economic evaluation of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) in Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC). CHERE Working Paper 2007/06 (PDF 883KB). Authors: Bird A, Norman R, Goodall S 

Patients’ perceptions of the value of PET in diagnosis and management of non-small cell lung cancer. CHERE Working Paper 2007/05 (PDF 199KB). Authors: Haas M, Zapart S, Viney R 

Validity of the SF-36 Health Survey as an outcome measure for trials in people with spinal cord injury. CHERE Working Paper 2007/04 (PDF 250KB). Authors: Haran M, King M, Stockler M, Marial O, Lee BB 

Incorporating Economic Evidence Into Cancer Care: Searching For The Missing Link. CHERE Working Paper 2007/03 (PDF 207KB). Authors: Van Gool K, Gallego G, Haas M, Viney R, Hall J, Ward R 

Assessing the costs of organised health programs: the case of the National Cervical Screening Program. CHERE Working Paper 2007/02 (PDF 201KB). Authors: Haas M, Shanahan M, Anderson R 

When is an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure: the case of cardiovascular disease? CHERE Working Paper 2007/01 (PDF 235KB). Authors: Van Gool K, Haas M, Sainsbury P, Gilbert R 


Health economics critiques of welfarism and their compatibility with Sen’s capabilities approach. CHERE Working Paper 2006/16 (PDF 371KB). Authors: Hall J, Gafni A, Birch S 

Out-of-pocket health expenditures in Australia: a semi-parametric analysis. CHERE Working Paper 2006/15 (PDF 445KB). Authors: Jones G, Savage K, van Gool K 

Men’s preferences for treatment of early stage prostate cancer: Results from a discrete choice experiment. CHERE Working Paper 20016/14 (PDF 336KB). Authors: King M, Viney R, Hossain I, Smith D, Fowler S, Savage E, Armstrong B 

Horizontal inequities in Australia’s mixed public/private health care system. CHERE Working Paper 2006/13 (PDF 514KB). Authors: Van Doorslaer E, Clarke P, Savage E, Hall J 

Moral hazard and cash benefits in long-term home care. CHERE Working Paper 2006/12 (PDF 349KB). Authors: Van den Berg B, Hassink W 

Do financial incentives for supplementary private health insurance reduce pressure on the public system? Evidence from Australia. CHERE Working Paper 2006/11 (PDF 645KB). Authors: Lu M, Savage E 

Health care policy evaluation: empirical analysis of the restrictions implied by Quality Adjusted Life Years. CHERE Working Paper 2006/10 (PDF 411KB). Authors: Viney R, Savage E 

Who’s getting caught? An Analysis of the Australian Medicare Safety Net. CHERE Working Paper 2006/08 (PDF 231KB). Authors: Van Gool K, Savage E, Viney R, Haas M, Anderson R 

A synthesis of qualitative research on cervical cancer screening behaviour: women’s perceptions of the barriers and motivators to screen and the implications for policy and practice. CHERE Working Paper 2006/07 (PDF372KB). Authors: Haas M, Fowler S 

Economic analysis of tai chi as a means of preventing falls and falls related injuries among older adults. CHERE Working Paper 2006/3 (PDF 506KB). Author: Marion Haas

Healthy, Wealthy and Insured? The Role of Self-Assessed Health in the Demand for Private Health Insurance. CHERE Working Paper 2006/02 (PDF 341KB). Authors: Doiron D, Jones G, Savage E 

Does the reason for buying health insurance influence behaviour? CHERE Working Paper 2006/01 (PDF 289KB). Authors: Fiebig D, Savage E, Viney R