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Career Opportunities in Health Economics

Why become a health economist?

Health economists are in demand!

Health economics is a rapidly expanding field. This is a result of the continuing drive to reform health care systems and the growing importance of economic evaluation in health policy. This has led to a steadily increasing demand for trained health analysts with an economics background.

Health economists look at how resources are allocated to and used in different health systems. Working both in the public and private sector they are trained to apply the concepts and tools of economic evaluation analysis to health and health care, including the functioning of health care markets and the economic evaluation of health care programs, policies and interventions.

This prospectus gives a summary of health economics courses currently offered by NSW tertiary institutions.

Who can I contact for more information about enrolling in health economics courses?

You need to contact the enrolment office at the Institution you are interested in attending and they will direct you to the appropriate person

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