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External engagement


CHERE's teaching includes health economics and health services research and planning through short courses and workshops, courses within other programs of study, and specialised programs in health economics and health services research. Enquiries about workshops and short courses should be directed to Rosalie Viney: rosalie.viney@chere.uts.edu.au

Programs are designed to meet the needs of three main groups:

  • Economists: we are committed to encouraging the best young economics graduates to work on health-related issues and to enhance their economics skills. Opportunities for postgraduate coursework, for study leading to the award of a PhD, and for post-doctoral programs are available.
  • Non-economists: specific training in health economics for people engaged in health policy development and implementation, and for those working in areas such as health care planning, management and/or evaluation is provided through short courses and workshops.
  • Clinicians: many health care professionals, particularly those involved in epidemiological and/or health services research, require an understanding of the principles of economics as applied to health and health care. Although some of this understanding may be developed through the general workshops offered, there are also opportunities to incorporate health economics as a subject in post-graduate training in public health, clinical epidemiology and health services research.