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The health workforce is crucial to the productivity, effectiveness and accessibility of health care. To date there has been little Australian research in this field. CHERE is engaged in this topic, particularly around the nursing workforce.

Engagement with Health policy and practice
CHERE is strongly engaged with health policy makers, health care agencies, and clinicians to facilitate the use of research findings in the development of health policy and practice. This involves a range of activities. There are two research programs developed and implemented in partnership with policy makers and practitioners. There are a series of directly commissioned projects. These may produce situations where research will directly influence policy but for the most part the way that research influences policy will be diffuse. One contribution of research to policy is through engaging with policy making, through participation in policy and practice committees. CHERE staff are members of several key Australian policy advisory committees, including the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee, the Medical Services Advisory Committee, and the NSW Health Resource Distribution Working Party.

Participation in significant policy forums and discussions is another way in which research evidence and skills of analysis are brought to decision making and decision makers. CHERE researchers contribute to the two significant international health policy exchanges: the Commonwealth Fund International Program in Health Policy and Practice, including the Harkness Fellowship and the Australian-American Health Policy Fellowship ; and the International Network on Health Policy and Reform supported by the Bertelsmann Foundation. Other contributions include providing media commentary, and presentations to particular target audiences.

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Professor Rosalie Viney
e-mail: rosalie.viney@chere.uts.edu.au
Phone: 61 2 9514 4722
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